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Action Needed!

Please ask that the interim Legislative Council create a Redistricting Task Force that would include legislators, representatives fromthe Governor's office, the Secretary of State and public members. The task force would make recommendations to the 2021 legislature on redistricting. The Legislative Council is made up of Senate and House leadership of both parties plus other members and has the authority to create task forces. Access the Legislative Council Committee info here.

Recent Media

Public should Have a Say: Letter to the Editor in the Las Cruces Sun News, April 5 2020, by Kathy Brook, Las Cruces.

The New Mexico Redistricting Process Needs Sunshine: Letter to the Editor Published in the ABQ Journal March 25, 2020, by Richard Mason, Leader of the Fair Districts for New Mexico Project.

Now is the time for redistricting reform: A letter to the editor in the Los Alamos Monitor by Barbara Calef, LWVNM VP (10/26/2019).

NM should work now to implement redistricting reform: A guest column in the Albuquerque Journal by Hannah Burling, President, LWVNM (7/30/2019).

Struggle, chaos, litigation, great cost: NM redistricting: by Gwyneth Doland of New Mexico In Depth. District 39 really does look like a howling coyote!
Doland also has a longer report: Redistricting NM 2021: a Troubled History and Opportunities for Change (PDF), and a video: Redistricting in NM Explained in 14 Minutes.

Resources for Action


Downloadable Articles and Info.

Themes for Op/Eds and Letters to the Editor.

You can get legislator contact information from the New Mexico League of Women Voters.

Redistricting glossary.

Redistricting News

Fair Districts for New Mexico presents to the Interim Courts, Corrections & Justice Committee

October 10, 2019:

Fair Districts for New Mexico presents to the Interim Courts, Corrections & Justice Committee on October 10th.

See the presentations:

National Conference of State Legislators presents an Executive Summary of their educational on Redistricting 2020 (PDF, 4.9M) and the results of their study of redistricting models in New Mexico & 7 other states (PDF, 328K).

Gwyneth Doland presented an Executive Summary of her extensive study of the history of redistricting in New Mexico (PDF, 88K).

Dick Mason presented for Fair Districts for New Mexico: Presentation to the Interim Courts, Correction & Justice Committee (DOC, 32K), and introduced a joint memorial requesting the new mexico legislative council to convene a redistricting task force to recommend procedures for the redistricting following the 2020 census (DOC, 48K).


Contact Information

Kathleen Burke; fairdistricts (at) lwvnm (dot) org; 505-907-5355
Dick Mason: act (at) lwvnm (dot) org;505-239-3804